About Us

About Us

Bright24 Brand Product Features

Bright24 Aesthetics & Wellness Group, which established in year 2005 with adopted the technique of western aesthetics and the essence of cytology skin care, integrating with Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Health. We are cooperation with the world's top beauty aesthetics experts to research and development of "unique" health conditioning program and aesthetics skin care products. We committed to bring a beautiful new chapter in your life, you are worth to become more glamour and beauty, interpretation of perfect skin and body. 


About The Founder

‘Keep the same or getting old’

All success comes through many setbacks and continuous learning and persistence. People who can’t swim, always change the pool, but they still can’t swim in the end. The law of "success" is good attitude; good habits; definitude target; persistence; break through; transform; recreate. Success is outcome from belief and action. 


Brand Story

Joyce Lee, founder of Bright24 Aesthetics & Wellness Group, she was born in a poor family, due to poverty she was experience the strange sight of others. In the real life, there are countless couples and families who often quarrel because of poor economy, it is also be countless people who neglect their health and youth in order to live, become old people with sickness, who else can rely on for a broken family? This is the reason for Joyce Lee establish Bright24 Aesthetics & Wellness Group, which committed to assist more people become economic independence and common inherited to assist more people get healthy, beauty and wealthy. 


Our Objective and Brand Advantage

Under the leadership and persistence of founder Joyce Lee, Bright24 Aesthetics & Wellness Group adhering to the "people-oriented" theory for many years, the principle of professional, safety, trusty and efficiency, we committed to making everyone confident and beautiful. Transform the traditional model, which combining online and offline "new retail and wechat business" entrepreneurship model system, together with partners create and share the health, beauty, happiness, wealthy and freedom. 



  1. Combining online and offline "new retail and wechat business" entrepreneurship model system.
  2. The entity with 14 years of real experience in aesthetics and wellness.
  3. Possess 7 years for sales experience and customer group of Bright24’s products.
  4. Unique and high quality of aesthetics products.
  5. Exclusive system conditioning programme.
  6. Professional team.
  7. Systematic education and training.
  8. A series of marketing materials provided. 



Bright 24 possess brand reputation products, exclusive system conditioning programme and innovative success models. We will pass on our experience and wisdom selflessly, combined with innovative success models and business theory, lead the partners who are brave to pursue their dreams to achieve sustainable development and scale the heights of this business.

Learn through practice

Personally experience the situation, experience the excellence efficacy of the Bright 24 products, caring for yourself and others.


Turn the practice into experience, inheriting and sharing expertise, replicate the success experience, lead to the gateway to success.


Less of the one disease, get more healthy, protection and beauty. Inheriting a healthy and beauty business with spread far and wide. Keep the same or getting old.


Based on sincerity and credit.


Thanks for cherishing people and things in life.


Excellence technology

Bright 24 possessing advanced aesthetics equipment and high quality of skin care products, at the same time, it also upholds the Chinese health culture for thousands of years. Expect this perfect merger can respond to the different demands of guests for beauty.

We combine Chinese herbal medicine with modern technology, using the safe and pure natural herbal ingredients, relying on the theoretical basis of medicine and food homology, we have developed a series of excellent conditioning programs and functional aesthetics conditioning products.

We provide the treatment with good reputation of aesthetics beauty, meridian slimming, wellness and etc, our skincare products from the international research and development team, skincare ingredients are fully derived from natural and herbal extracts.

We provide the wellness and meridian treatments, adopt the exclusive products and meridian massage with using high-tech aesthetics equipment. We own the 100% natural / organic essential oils which developed by our wellness team with more than 30 years of experience, combined with the millennium concept of Chinese wellness and meridian, present a unique treatment system with perfectly. ‘QI’ and blood circulation of human body with more effectively, improves sub-health symptoms while achieving anti-aging and delicate skin. 

Brand Concept

Bright 24 focuses all of its efforts into researching and developing highly effective natural products to preserve beauty as well as maintaining a firm stance on using pure, natural and 100% organic herbal plants as our products’ essence. Our brand adheres to traditional as well as scientific concepts to preserve beauty, plus outstanding R&D technology to fully maximise the potential of herbal plants in the field of cosmetology. We aim to develop products that will become classics in the preservation of beauty.

The founder of Bright 24 understands profoundly that the relationship between man and plants is deeply intimate and inseparable. She believes that herbal and dietal treatment both play a significant role in maintaining a healthy body and skin. Therefore, in establishing this cosmetological brand, she hopes to espouse a whole new concept in which beauty and health exist as one, hence combining these two major aspects to lead health and cosmetology to the highest realm, so that more people are able to experience this miraculous beauty.

Besides that, Bright 24 researches the essence and healing effects of different herbal plants from countries all over the world and subsequently extract the most effective and natural herbal essence. We work with the R&D teams from globally acclaimed international manufactures to create the most natural and everlasting beauty products that are of the highest quality.

I have a Dream

Nothing can be done without having a good health while dreams lead us to inspiration and aspiration.

Responsibility and the mission given had built our unlimited dedication and progression

I have a dream, the determination that guide people to a healthy and beauty life

I have a dream, the strength that spread the love and positives to shine the world

I have a dream, the grit to benefit others and to achieve all goals

I have a dream, to let the world know about Bright 24, and to lead the nation to a wealthier life

I have a dream, to inherit the spirit of Bright 24, thus forming a circumstance of loving and pleasing

Out of gratitude and persistence, we maintain our quality, security and effectiveness.

Developing a better and stronger world, contributing to the power of nature beauty and health.

The 8 Prides and 8 Shames of Corporate Culture

Proud to instruct health and beauty; shame to be neglect health

Proud to learn excellently; shame to be stubborn and reluctant to change

Proud to be honest and lovely; shame to be conceited and arrogant

Proud to be responsible and efficient; shame to be pessimistic and sloppy

Proud to dedication and disburse; shame to be selfish and demanding

Proud to help each other as a team, shame to form cliques and factions

Proud to be spreading positivity; shame to be spreading negativity

Proud to be grateful and filial; shame to be arrogant and supercilious


A national leading brand – “Beauty VS Health”, fulfilling with hundreds of alliances, thousands of inheritances, millions and billions of benefits

Team Slogan

We are the positive leaders of Bright 24,

We comprehend the challenges we met throughout the path to initiate a business,

And we are ready to well-equipped ourselves, to advocate the idea of “Beauty VS Health”.

We sense the responsibility and mission to lead Bright 24,

The more health knowledge we educate and inherit, the more people benefit from Bright 24,

From health and wealth, to beauty and happiness, hence, to be more respectful and gratifying.

Let us fight together for the same and only mission,

To work and explore together,

To sing and dance together,

To win and success together.



The first national brand of “Beauty VS Health”


Emphasize and advocate the culture of “Beauty VS Health”

Improve the human’s life, and to let more people to be healthy and beautiful due to Bright 24

Bring our partners together, to be success and achieve life’s goals,

Construct a wonderful and respectful world, thus, to be proud of Bright 24.