Bust MultiEx Cream

Bust MultiEx Cream

Min Order Limit: 1  
Total Price : RM550

[ Bust Enhancement, Hormone Balancing ]

Product Description: The superior bust boosting formulae are reciped from various herbal extracts to enhance the shape, colour and tighness of your bust. The cream is also fortified with moisturizing and nourishing components which help expanding the smoothness and tenderness of your bust in order to make it tighter and looks younger. The Cananga odorata essence oil works perfectly in balancing the hormone, firming the breast and pacifying the depression or other negative emotions. The Nandina domestica essence oil also helps in coordinating the hormone secretion so that the inactivated skin tissues re-energetic and regain their elasticity. The Angelica sinesis and Trifolium pratense L are presented in the cream to help solving the skin issues, eradicating waste and maintaining balance hormone level.

Specification: 100g

Usage: Apply to bust area in an upward motion and gently massage until it is fully absorbed. Use twice daily for maximum benefit.