Skin Activation Oxygen Mask (30 ml)

Skin Activation Oxygen Mask (30 ml)

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Total Price : RM369.00

Main Benefits: Cells Oxygenating; Revitalizing; Pigmentation, Dark Spots & Scars Lightening, Skin Brightening.

Product Description: This revolutionary face mask is invented by integrating the latest "oxygen enrichment" technology in order to provide oxygen saturated condition and superior energy to our skin. These multiple oxygenic residues are supplying high amount of oxygen to the skin cells help in secure the moisture of skin with reduce pigmentation, lighten dark spots & scars, brightening and ignite the brilliance within.

Specification: 30g

Usage: Apply proper amount on the face, 1 minute later the mask begin to bubble and start to absorb dirty on the face, gently massage the face with wet hands, after 5 minutes bubble fully generates, rinse off with warm water.