Tightening Essence (30 ml)

Tightening Essence (30 ml)

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[ Stimulate Collagen & Elastin Production, Keeping Skin Soft & Tender ]

Main Benefits: Skin Repairing, Activating Cells & Skin Circulation, Establishing & Maintaining Healthy Skin Barrier.

Product Description: A breaking "natural repair moisturizing factor", these elements will help to rebuild cell adhesion, establish and maintain healthy skin barrier. All these composition maintain and lock the moistures while replenish the nutrients to our skin. As the moisturizing capability of ceramide is strong, it is a better and wiser choice for repairing the skin sensitivities and dryness. 

Specification: 30ml

Usage: After cleansing, use proper amount gently massage in circular motion on face until fully absorbed. Can be used every morning and night.