Cellulite Solution Purify Salt

Cellulite Solution Purify Salt

Min Order Limit: 1  
Total Price : RM429

[ Reducing Cellulite, Exfoliating, Hydrating ]

Product Description: The innovative invention integrating both caffeine extracts and chili extracts play essential roles in homogenizing the skin brightness and lowering the quantity of fats globulars. These active ingredients provide effective results in tightening the skin and make your skin colour evenly. The caffeine is the main role in dissolving and disintegrating the fats globular in order for the fats to be eliminated out from our body. On another hand, chili extracts improving the blood circulation which is essential for excrete the waste and unwanted residues. Essence oil extracted from grapefruit possesses great antibacterial properties and it acts as additional boosting power to induce the replication of new cells. As for the cypress tree essence oil, it helps to restrict the diuresis condition which subsequently improves the edema and blood circulations.

Specification: 100g

Usage: Apply over the body area. Gently rub with circular motion, then rinse off with water.