Skin Activation Cool Mask (80 ml)

Skin Activation Cool Mask (80 ml)

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Total Price : RM280.00

Main Benefits: Anti-Sensitivity, Anti-Inflammation, Antibacterial, Super Hydrating, Lock & Maintain Moisture, Pores Refining.

Product Description: Concentrated applying the crystal clear Cool Mask, the rapid cooling and moisturizing effects enriched with keratin weakening action and skin softening performance immediately take place. The formulation is specific in pacifying the skin irritations resulted from excessive sunlight exposure or minor injury. On the other hand, it also provides moisturizing, anti-inflammation, humidifying and pacifying effects.

Specification: 50g

Usage: After cleansing and toning, use proper amount onto face and gently spread around, softly massage until absorbs.

Suitable: Any skin type, suitable for sensitive skin.